Welcome to ‘Coast To Coast Animal Friends’. We are a not-for-profit charity organization funded entirely by public donations. Our group is a community of like-minded people who volunteer their time and work tirelessly creating awareness through public outreach and education programs.

We are a grass-roots, animal advocacy group based in South East Queensland, Australia, focusing on local animal-based issues as well as highlighting international campaigns and joining forces to support and promote other organisations efforts.

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12th September, We will Remember!

Stand with us -12th of September-
We Will remember – 3pm -5pm ban live Rally
🔺Brisbane – botanical gardens meet at 2.30
🔺Gold Coast -Corner 6th and Gold Coast Hwy
🔶Where will you stand ? -Close to 6000, young healthy pregnant mothers Now DEAD…

They had life… growing in their bodies- sent to sea -to meet a typhoon. Crammed and terrified young mothers to be !

′The Gulf Livestock 1 had sailed from New Zealand on August 14 with 5.867 dairy cows and 43 people, headed to China. The trip should have lasted 17 days and, according to the New Zealand organization SAFE, the cows selected to improve the genetics of the CHINESE DAIRY INDUSTRY .
The only survivor recovered said the ship flipped on one side.
🔶Join protest –https://facebook.com/events/s/12th-of-september-we-will-reme/234749667926991/?ti=icl




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16th February 2020 – Ipswich Greyhound Track Rally





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