Boycott Air France

C2CAF have called for a pledge to boycott  AIR FRANCE

As they are still transporting animals around the world including AUSTRALIA to laboratories for cruel experimentation.

Coast to Coast Animal Friends will be staging the Brisbane leg of the demonstration and Australian Anti-Vivisection Activists will be staging their demonstration in Melbourne.

Penelope Flight AttendentAir 7579_690432157718814_2740981476930161722_nFrance-KLM is the number one transporter of laboratory animals globally, and as such this makes them an extremely important strategic target in the campaign to sever the supply of animals.

In flight, primates and other animals suffer delays, loud noise, and the extreme heat or cold of a plane’s cargo hold. Flights can last up to 60 hours, with no supply of fresh air.

One study from the British watchdog group BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) shows 8 of 10 macaques die from captivity or transport stress. Primates are found barely alive or dead inside crates upon arrival. Anxiety leaves them vulnerable to infection. Some are euthanized during quarantine for pneumonia, enteritis, gastroenteritis, dehydration, weight loss and more stress-driven conditions.

For this reason Air France-KLM is currently the main focus of Gateway to Hell, an organization that runs a global campaign to end laboratory animal transport. As part of this campaign, they hold protests inside airports, at head offices, conferences, travel agencies and major shareholders.

Air France-KLM is not the sole focus of this campaign with Air India recently resuming the transportation of animals for the research industry.