Farm Animal Rescue is a place of safety and sanctuary for animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and other situations where they were in danger.

Farmed Battery chickens suffer horribly in the egg production industryThis website endeavours to tell the story of each resident and how, without the intervention of compassionate people and the donations we thankfully receive, each life would have been so very different.

The reality

Many farm animals born into the agricultural industry live short lives. Their existence is one of deprivation and boredom and in many cases they are forced to live in miserable conditions.

Some are constrained in cages so small that they can barely move or are force to live where they defecate causing disease and other complications. The list of atrocities farmed animals can endure is too long to list here.

Nine out of 10 pigs are kept in factory farms, and more than 450 million chickens, as well as 13 million layer hens are factory farmed in Australia each year.

Farm animals endure long journeys crammed into trucks with no food or water and in the slaughterhouse suffer electric shocks from “control” devices, which do not always stun before the automated dispatching technique comes into play.

Animals farmed for produce are often subjected to periods of food and water deprivation prior to transportation and slaughter. Mothers are frequently denied contact with their young from a very early age which causes great distress to both mother and child.

We want to give all Australian’s the opportunity to meet rescued farm animals in person.

Volunteering at Farm Animal rescue

Our animals are ambassadors for those that are caught up in the animal agriculture industry. Once you meet them and discover how clever, playful and loving they are, we think you might re-consider what’s for dinner.

The farm open days are posted on the website so visit us on the website to find out when and come and join a great bunch of animal lovers on FAR Open Days where you can mingle with the residents.

This website is a work in progress. Our priority is the animals. Farm Animal Rescue recognises and appreciates the time FAR volunteers  contribute to all the factors necessary in maintaining this sanctuary.

For more information on how farm pigs in Australia are forced to live

Please be aware the Australian Pig Farming website contains disturbing images.