South Australia Fire Disaster Appeal

South Australia Fire Disaster Appeal

Coast to Coast Animal Friends are rallying support for the animals affected by the fires in South Australia and Victoria.

The fires in South Australia have tragically caused the deaths and injuries of many wildlife and domestic animals. The destruction of properties and the lost memories is heart-breaking. The relief effort will need the support of all Australians to help with the feeding, veterinary care, housing and general care for all of those affected.

We need to come together to show how much heart we all have. Please help us to help them. Donate, share and care.

National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA)

NARGA has joined forces with Care Factor 10 to collect and deliver as much as possible to the affected areas

Medical supplies | General supplies | Donations drop off points | Financial donations

Medical supplies needed as a priority

  • antibiotics
  • anti-inflammatory ointment
  • bandaging
  • burn creams/salve
  • dressings
  • Di-vetelact milk replacer
  • eye lubes
  • gauze
  • IV fluids
  • saline
  • swabs
  • vet wrap
  • 1 inch
  • 2 inch and
  • 3 inch
  • worm and flea treatments
  • and any Wombaroo products

The following items will be in need for a considerable time to come. Please make sure all goods are clean and in good working condition.

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  • bowls
  • collars
  • clean sheets
  • feeding equipment
  • grain
  • grain mix
  • heat packs
  • humidicribs
  • large and small towels
  • leads
  • litter trays
  • Lucerne
  • oaten hay
  • pet carriers
  • pillow slips
  • play pens
  • porta cots
  • rolled oats
  • roo pellets
  • soft bedding
  • storage containers
  • temp caging
  • towels
  • water tanks

C2CAF would like to thank all the supporters of the SA/Vic Fire Appeal. Our shipment of items has been transported to the affected areas by Care Factor 10. All your help has been very much appreciated!

Not sure where to buy vegan wine?

Not sure where to buy vegan wine?

Quality vegan wines for the connoisseur

vegan wine from Goodwill WineBy purchasing wine through the Goodwill Wine website you will not only be buying cruelty-free vegan wine, but also helping C2CAF. The wines purchased on the Coast to Coast Animals Friends page are top quality and feature our logo on the bottle. 50% of the profits, or $20 per 12 bottles of wine, whichever is greater, is donated to enable us to continue our valuable work.

Goodwill Wine

Goodwill Wine began after the devastating fires of Black Sunday destroyed the founder’s home and caused the loss of his job. Overwhelmed by the generous funds donated by the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal and the public, the founder set up Goodwill Wines to help charities across Australia. The concept is simple, Goodwill Wines visits quality boutique Australian vineyards and sources some of the best value boutique wines Australia has to offer.

Contact Goodwill Wine.

Circus Shame

Circus Shame


Our ongoing Circus Campaign

Animal circuses are archaic, and cruel. The needs of the animal can never be met in a circus environment.

Regardless of the number of generations that wild animals have been bred in captivity, they do not lose their natural instincts. They retain their desire to roam freely. Circuses deny them mental and physical stimulation.

Circus animals can spend up to 11 months of the year travelling. The endless road travel in a confined space in all extremes of weather, over vast distances, is cruel in itself, without the additional cruelty that circus animals are subjected to.

The animals suffer from boredom and are continually confined, isolated and distressed. This affects their health and wellbeing and can lead to serious behavioural problems, often manifesting as pacing, swaying, nodding, rocking or aggression. The only release. they get from their confinement is when they are performing for the circus audience. This can result in unpredictability and present a serious threat to human safety. There have been a number of cases of circus animals turning on their trainers, sometimes during performances and even in front of terrified children.

The circus-goer never sees the behind the scenes cruelty which induces terrified, defenceless animals to perform unnatural, demeaning tricks for audience amusement.

The display of animals for entertainment in circuses plays no role in conservation or education. In fact circuses are anti-educational. There is nothing educational or entertaining about seeing wild animals with broken spirits performing tricks. This does not teach children where the animals come from, how they live or their normal diets, habits or social structures. Circuses send out the wrong message, that it is ok to exploit animals for human entertainment and to laugh at their painful and demeaning predicament.. It encourages impressionable children to believe that it is ok to force animals to behave unnaturally, in fear of punishment.

We are not alone in our conviction that animal circuses should be permanently banned. Numerous countries worldwide share our conviction and have bans in place. Here in Australia more than 40 local authorities including our national capital have such bans in place. Increasingly, community attitudes are deploring this vile form of animal exploitation and cruelty. Apart from being cruel to have animals in circuses, it is also unnecessary. Many successful modern circuses such as Cirque du Soleil perform without animals.

It is time to listen to our sense of compassion and understand that animals suffer and feel pain just as humans do.

Several websites have exposed the behind the scenes abuses to which circus animals are routinely subjected, for example