SAY NO to Animal Exploitation circus protest 29.6.19


Thank you to the band of activists from Coast to Coast Animal Friends and Animal Libération Queensland who joined to Stand Against the Exploitation of Animals in circuses. The circus is an animal-slavery enterprise where animals are repeatedly forced to perform !
The animals work from fear.”




SEA SHEPHERD Brisbane Ocean defence tour 2019


WAD and Frankies milk bar at the ,,
FAMILY FIESTA EVENT at West football club Toowong .. A Fun colorful day with loads of colorful people ! Thanks Amanda, Jess, Linda and Jenny





PRE NUP TO THE CUP Leafleting 2019


Central station Leafleting and mini city march .. we had some good conversations and can see there is a vast difference in opinions in the community!!

• step right up and get your own piece of Thoroughbred in a can. It’s Horsilicious!
• Let’s not get sentimental here, they’re bred for it.
• They breed em, race em, you watch em and I kill em, It’s the cycle of life!
• Horsieliscous, the racing industry’s retirement plan in a can.
• SAY NUP TO THE CUP 15000 + horses Die each year !






ALQ and C2C co hosted a protest at Eagle farm race track in Ascot Brisbane, the first protest at the track in Brisbane on Cup Day, normally we are set up in the city where we talk to race goes heading off to Events.

125 protesters created a colourful and affective rally spreading awareness to the plight of the race horse who are over bred, raced, whipped, slaughtered at a young age then turned into pet food or sent off to Europe for human consumption


A Day at the Races .. Fuck the CUP


Pink protesters disrupt the race that stops the nation!
They Race them -They bleed from the lungs, develop stomach ulcers, have their tongues tied, and are whipped to the finish line.
There is No Retirement Plan ! Say NUP to the Cup!



No-Vember .No-Dairy. No-Death


21st Nov. Anti Dairy Action Day
Album -Women Against Dairy and our Ditch Dairy Brothers !
:Brisbane :Perth :Wollongong
Taking our Anti Dairy message to the streets !

BOYCOTT Harvey Norman Store Actions ……


After the recent horrendous exposure of horses tracked from Gerry Harvey’s Stud farms a Nation Wide Boycott of all his concerns has been called !
❗️Gerry – worth 1.8 billion dollars but can’t afford a retirement plan for any of his 1000 horses!!
❗️Harvey Norman -A front fir the Horse murdering business- Horse after Horse -Bullet after Bullet!!
❗️Call your local Harvey Norman Store and tell them you will not be supporting them any further !!
❗️Watch and Share Farm Transparency Project —
The Final Race !
❗️Been in the business exploiting Horses for 40 years but claims he didn’t know they were being canned up for dog food!!
❗️No magic In murdering Race horses Gerry !
Owns Magic Millions the richest race horse sales event in the country !

12th of September we will remember ! Live export protest

C2CAF would like to Thank you Earthling Experience Brisbane and Sydney WAD activists for standing with with us -on the 12th of September-

We Will remember – the 2.5 million who have Perished at sea and all who have been lost to this abhorrent trade of live stock over the past 30 years .

Recently –
Close to 6000, young healthy pregnant mothers- Now DEAD…

They had life… growing in their bodies- sent to sea to meet a typhoon. Crammed and terrified young mothers to be !

The Pink Protestors taking Direct action to the track!


Standing firm against the Magic Millions!
Your money for their lives! The bets go down!
There is No magic here at the Magic Millions just a facade of glamour and behind is endless slaughter!

ADAIR’s Nationwide Boycott, Store Walk through and disruption 7.1


Adair’s you are on notice‼️
Remove all reindeer furs and skins from your stores or we will be back!
Communication with Head office is under way
Thank you Linda McCarthy, Freya Carnie, Heather Bee, Alice Macdonald & Etienne



THANK you to all the Activists that Joined Coast To Coast Animal Friends in Brisbane and to all those who stood in solidarity against the Live Export Trade.

This is the fourth annual stop live transportation International Awareness Day a campaign spearheaded by our friends at Compassion in World Farming UK.

This is the second time Coast to Coast has hosted this global event in Brisbane.
Brisbane could not ignore us as we more through the streets, candles flickering, Banner high and intentions solid .. we have NOT GIVEN up on this FIGHT🙆‍♀️🙌🐏🐑🐏🐑🐃🐃🐄🐄

In 2019, 41 countries took part with over 100 events taking place, from the UK to Australia to Uganda.

Globally there are 130 countries that live export animals but few are as exposed to the lengthy journeys that Australian animals are. That is not to say that live export from any other country is good animal welfare, far from it. You simply can’t have good animal welfare in place when live exporting animals.

We are lucky in Australia to have Animals Australia, who have been the only organisation in the world to have obtained footage of the cruelty associated with this trade, from the feedlot to the journey to slaughter. The world looks to Animals Australia for that evidence. People in other countries have known that the trade was cruel but never had evidence to show their government and their public just how terribly these animals suffer