12th of September we will remember ! Live export protest

C2CAF would like to Thank you Earthling Experience Brisbane and Sydney WAD activists for standing with with us -on the 12th of September-

We Will remember – the 2.5 million who have Perished at sea and all who have been lost to this abhorrent trade of live stock over the past 30 years .

Recently –
Close to 6000, young healthy pregnant mothers- Now DEAD…

They had life… growing in their bodies- sent to sea to meet a typhoon. Crammed and terrified young mothers to be !

The Pink Protestors taking Direct action to the track!


Standing firm against the Magic Millions!
Your money for their lives! The bets go down!
There is No magic here at the Magic Millions just a facade of glamour and behind is endless slaughter!

ADAIR’s Nationwide Boycott, Store Walk through and disruption 7.1

Adair’s you are on notice‼️
Remove all reindeer furs and skins from your stores or we will be back!
Communication with Head office is under way
Thank you Linda McCarthy, Freya Carnie, Heather Bee, Alice Macdonald & Etienne