LMC Thankyou


We thank you for joining Coast to Coast Animal Friends (C2CAF) and we welcome you to our charity organisation. Your membership fees and donations enable us to continue with our campaigns, demonstrations, animal rights education and spreading awareness within the community.

In appreciation of our members’ valuable contributions towards, and efforts to live, a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. As the primary cardholder you will receive discounts, or a specified special offer, at any of the multiple vegan industry leaders listed in our Loyalty Membership Card Directory.

As our list of Associate Sponsors who accept the C2CAF Loyalty Membership Card is still growing, we will email you an updated list every quarter.

Your LMC should arrive by mail within ten working days and as part of our launch offer you will receive two bonus months that will be added to your yearly subscription making your card valid for 14 months not 12.

Your assistance is vital to our movement as it enables our group to grow and to carry on the work that is at the core of C2CAF within the community. Your support is very much appreciated by us, and by the millions of animals who cannot speak for themselves.

We welcome you to our group and hope that you will participate in our many activities which raise awareness and vital funds to support animal causes locally, nationally and overseas.

Together, we can do more.

The Team at

Coast to Coast Animal Friends